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I hope you all had a great  time! :D

I surely hope next year will be even better~ ^^

As always, the beginning of the year is full of hope and promises, and time for new year resolutions.
So lets get started!

Things to improve this coming year:
- Draw more.
   Havent drawn much, especially lately I have been slacking too much.
   If I want to improve, I need to challenge myself! Try different styles, themes.
   Thinking about starting a small project.
   And ofcourse, to return to doodle. Havent doodled properly in forever.
- Do more sport
  That include running more regullary, hopefully daily.
  To continue to train on my roller blades, if I hope to get anywhere with it XP
- Sleep more. Have been slacking too much on this spot, and Im starting to feel I might have taken it too lightly.
   Doesnt mean Ill sleep all day (couldnt even if I wanted to XD). But to try and sleep atleast 6 hours each days, or atleast on average not including weekends.
  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: K's Choice
  • Reading: Spice and Wolf LN 5
  • Watching: Castle
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Submitted on
January 1, 2012