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A speech Neil Gaiman made for the graduate of the University of the Arts (Phl)
I heartedly recomend anyone here to listen to it :)
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I was tagged by :iconowlso:

Ok -
1. Do you like animals?
Ofcourse! I even have two cats at home ^__^

2.What animal do you like?
Most of them, but cats, dogs, and dolphin are very high on the least.

3.Do you have a game in your computer? Like Minecraft or Wolf Quest....
Hmm, NWN2, ddsom, ddtod, Black and White (the first), Portal.. I dont use my computer for games much though.
Trog (A very old game).

4.Can you give me a link to the game? I mean.....the download link 83……
Didnt check if it worked though XP

5. 123.....Look at me!~ 456......Ride a bike!~ 789........Draw a line!~ 10................*insert here a word*
I wont be forgotten!~

6. How was school? >:3
It was nice, passed to quickly when I think about it.

7. Do you like cars?
Not that much. Theyre usefull, but I dont care that much about the model and such.


9. If I say: TROLOLOLOLOLOLO!~ What you say or do?

10. Do you like my signature?
Didnt quite get it ^^;
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About time, I neglected this journel for waaay too long.
Anywho- was tagged by :iconprecelek96:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.

Things you might have known about me~ (From previews tags atleast ;P)

1) I currently try to self practice using roller blades. Need to be more cinsistent, because so far I have a long way to go XD
2) I have two adorable cats~ ^____^
3) Though I really liked anime, I have yet to draw a proper fanart >.<;
Been planning to do so for quite a while, but never got to start working on it. . . On my to do list XP
4) My favorite music genres are Rock, Pop (sorta), and Celtic music.
5) After a long break, I resumed to practice Krav Maga. Missed it~

The questions I need to answer -

1. Do you like Lord of the Rings?
Yes, I do. Read the three main books when I was in elementary school.
Liked the movies, they were epic. Not master pieces, but very well done.

2. Do you like The Hunger Games?
Havent read the books, planning to watch the movie, maybe even this weekend.

3. Do you have Tumblr?

4. Do you like pancakes? What do you like pancakes with?
Ofcourse~! Unlike some blasphemous people XP;
Usually with maple syrop maple, but sometimes with strawberry jam and such ^_^

5. Do you have your clothes arranged in yout wardrobe? Like, do you have t-shirts, then jumpers, then cardigans, ect. Or is it just a mess?
Err.. A huge mess XDD

6. Do you have any posters on your wall?
In my room at home I have a few anime poster, In my room at my base I keep my drawings instead :)

7. Is Elijah Wood attractive or is Elijah Woo attractive?
Maybe to some XP

8. Do you have a pet? Tell me something about your pet.
Like I said, two Cats ^__^
One is called Fuzzon, and she's the fuzziest scardy cat
The other is called schrodinger, he is a very ornamental black cat :)

9. What is the best/funniest prank you ever did?
I dont prank people so often, and usually its not flashy XD.
So I dont really have what to say here

The secret is in the smile ;)
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How are you doing?

I know I havent been much active lately..

Not sure why, but Im feeling a bit like butter which tries to spread itself on a too big slice of bread.

I feel like there are so many thing I want and need to do.
So much to improve.

And it never feels like Im doing enough.

So Im still here :)

Hoping for things to be well, and going to try and get there!
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Tagged by :iconzaphinalombardi:

1. What's your eye color?
2. Do you have any pet(s) and if you do what are they ?
Two adorable cats. We call them fazon and schrodinger
3. Do you like singing ?
Most defenitely, but Im not so good at it XP
4. What do you want to do when you're older or what job are you doing now ?
Not sure, right now Im in the military
5. What is your favorite Video Game ?
Ohh.. difficult question.. Hmm.. Ill name four since I can :P
1)Kingdom Hearts II 2) Shadow of Rome 3)Tekken in its generations 4)Bleach Blade Battlers 2 :)
6. What do you most like doing on DA ?
Talking with people. And seeing other artworks :)
7. What's your favorite color ?
When I was younger I would say yellow since its so cheery :). But I think Ill settle with deep blue ;)
8. What is your favorite Final Fantasy paring or a video game paring?
Sora and Kairi I guess XP;
9. Favorite type of art ?
Err... awesome one? ;P
10.  Whats your hair colour?
Brown ^^
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How are you doing?

yesterday my family flew to London, but I had to stay behind because I wasn given permission by the military to fly abroad ><;
(for no logical reason).

So I took care of my little sis.
Did give me time to draw, although not enough to finish my last piece~
maybe I should have been less time on the computer..

Not much else to update besides that.

Take care, and see you next week~ ^__^
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  • Watching: Mushishi
This weekend blew pass me way too quickly.

Got to meet some of my friends I didnt see for months, and my aunt and uncles.

But because of that didnt get to be here, as you may have seen.

So see you! And dont worry, Ill make sure to go over everything I missed.

Be well~!
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I hope you all had a great  time! :D

I surely hope next year will be even better~ ^^

As always, the beginning of the year is full of hope and promises, and time for new year resolutions.
So lets get started!

Things to improve this coming year:
- Draw more.
   Havent drawn much, especially lately I have been slacking too much.
   If I want to improve, I need to challenge myself! Try different styles, themes.
   Thinking about starting a small project.
   And ofcourse, to return to doodle. Havent doodled properly in forever.
- Do more sport
  That include running more regullary, hopefully daily.
  To continue to train on my roller blades, if I hope to get anywhere with it XP
- Sleep more. Have been slacking too much on this spot, and Im starting to feel I might have taken it too lightly.
   Doesnt mean Ill sleep all day (couldnt even if I wanted to XD). But to try and sleep atleast 6 hours each days, or atleast on average not including weekends.
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Or happy Hanukkah, whichever you celebrate (though Hanukkah started a few 4 days ago..)

Anyway, here I am.
Not going to stay here for long, been home for a short time, and tommorow I return to my base.
(I dont like this missing mkost of the holiday part >>;; )

Havent drawn much, only doodled a bit.

Be well, and I hope you all are having a great time :D
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i had a horrible internet connection >.<
So, right now I'm using someone's iPhone.
So, will try to reply as much as I can, but i don't want to cost to much for my mate

Be well! :)
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Here are the details…

I very like the theme, and the prizes are great, so make sure to check it out
Ill admit I heard about this contest second hand, but anyhow here are the details as they are in her journal-

The contest will end at 29th of February 2012, CENTRAL EUROPEAN TIME.
(Since the contest is private and pretty small, there's of course the chance to extend the time span if required.)

I made up a very rough theme, since I think the most important part of drawing and painting is both, drawing skills and creativity working together.
So here's your very simple guideline:

I want to see your creativity by using one of the following colors in your drawing/ painting: Blue, Purple/Violet or Red.
Take one of those colors and create a color scheme based on it and use it in your drawing/ painting.
You can choose the situation and theme of the picture yourself, as long as it fits to the color you chose.
It doesn't matter if the character shown on your art is your own creation or an already existing character (as long as you credit the owner in the artist's comment), important for me is, that you create a painting/drawing with a given color scheme, that's … well, alive, and that works with the color scheme you chose.
There can be more than one character in the painting, of course, but at least one person needs to be in the focus of the picture!

There will be two winners, one in the drawing and on in the painting category.
These two will win a one year premium membership (or the points instead) plus a free commission worth 100 Dollars.
The second place finishers will get a three month premium membership and a commission worth 50 Dollars.
The third place in both categories will be a three month premium Membership.

On top of that there will be a prize for one of you guys who is advertising the contest on his/ her own page (in a journal or whatever), independent on the fact whether he or she partizipated in the contest his/herself.
So if you advertise it, send a note to me with the link where you advertised it and you will be on my list.
After the contest is over I will pick a random partizipant of this list who will get the same prize as the winner of the contest:  a one year premium membership and a commission trade worth 100 Dollars.

Since a colored artwork is requirement for this contest please don't send in pencil sketches and linearts.
You need to do either a colored drawing or a painting (digitally or traditionally created).
I'm sorry, but other genres of art won't be part of this conest, so please do not send in other types of art, such as photography or literature, etc.

The painting must be uploaded with at least 800x800 pixels.

Also do not steal someones artwork or copy and paste images.

Please remember that there's also younger watchers, so don't show mature content in your painting/ drawing, like violence and sexual stuff. Nudity is allowed as far as it is artistically and not dirty in any case.

The judgement is mainly based on two things:
1) How well you implemented the basic theme of the contest in your own creation, the originality of your piece of art and your idea in general
2) Drawing and painting skills: Composition, colors, proportions, etc.,
IMPORTANT: The judgement of you skills is independent from the drawing genre you chose for your creation, e.g. anime, realism, etc.

I hope some of you find the time to participate in this contest!
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  • Watching: Dexter
I got a subscription for one month from :iconpoorartman:
:hug: Thank you very much~! ^______^

On other notes, hi~
Im still  alive and well :)
Got one drawing to upload later and a wip.

I have quite a few drawings I need to draw for people.. Im sorry it takes me so long ><;
I wish I could have more times to draw, and the fact is I also need to draw some unrelated art from time to time~

Anywho, I hope youre all doing well, and drawing a lot :D

Take care, and see you again~
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  • Watching: Ergo Proxy
And I do feel old XP
My birthday was today (the 1st of December)
Im dead tired, so I shall go to sleep now XD
Atleast Im at home~
See you all later this weekend :)

And thank you very much to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! ^___________^ :glomp:
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  • Watching: Ergo Proxy…

I came across this lovely post a few months back/
I agree with most of what he says, and anyhow I believe youll find it interesting.
So, enjoy~
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I feel I have become too lazy.
Not drawing enough,
Not practicing new things,
And not challenging myself enough!

So, hopefully, Im going to change that.

Got home today :), though it got me by surprise.
Which means I didnt had most of my drawing stuff.

So decided to practrice my rusty digital skill by colouring some lineart.
. . . And found out Im rusty as hell, way too stagnant.

Sadly enough, I can only practice drawing digitally when Im at home, which doesnt happen often enough.
Not to mention that when I DO come home, I usually do many other stuff, like meeting people and having fun.

So another thing to add to my improvement list. Which hopefully mean youll see a bit more digital pieces by me.

Buttom line, please bear with me while I try to improve XD. And if any of you has a suggestion, either something I need to improve, or some drawing exercises or challenging memes, by all means feel free to tell me ^________^

I hope you are all doing well~!

P.s. I havent forgotten about the two art trades I need to do. I tried making them, and felt like I need to improve before I should give them another try~
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Life just keep flowing onward, without any second thoughts

I dont know why, but sometimes it feels like life keep progressing while I stand still.

Tried to work on the few artrade I promised for soem of you, but didnt go so well :\
So decided to draw something else instead~

Bought two volumes of the spice and wolf light novel, if anyone is familier with it (I really like the naime, though it might be a bit slow paced for some)
Not much is new besides that~

I hope youre all well. And to those of you who have an art block, dont worry, it happens. Just dont stop from doodling and trying to draw here and there. Nothing that youll upload here if you dont want to (so you wont feel like your pieces are going to be judged). Just to try and break through this block.

Every time I eneter dA I see how much I need to improve my drawings~
So hopefully Ill get to work on that in my free time next week :)

P.s. Dont stop drawing~ :D
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  • Watching: A few. Black Lagoon, Ergo Proxy to name a few
Sorry for not being here so long. Most of it (about a week) was because I didnt had any internet connection at all ><, and the last few days I have been quite busy.

Im happy to see all of the replys, posts and new artwork that I can go through ^__^
Will be sure to do so, but tommorow.

I have seen Jonie English today with friends, not a masterpiece but I certainly had a good time :D
I have some doodles and one drawing to show (started expiriencing with watercolours).

Also managed to hit my head (stupid low ceiling >>;; ).

Nothing serious, slightly bloody and now Im almost fine~ :D (Though it will take a short while for the sign of the hit to heal up).

Missed you all, and dA in general :hug:

Take care, and I hope youre all having a good time :)
I feel like return to zombie mode, dA-wise
And I dont like it.

So, first of all, Im sorry.
Been a busy couple of weeks, wasnt really in the mood and work wasnt any easier (actually in some days quite the opposite).

But Im tired of being tired. Which is why from tommorow onward. Ill do my best to keep being lively, keep drawing, and when I can submit more :).

I dont want to leave dA, but if Im not carefull and keep on this road Ill lose the few of you, friends and watchers.
And hell if I let that happen.

I hope youre doing well, as always.
And if some of you think theyre going to disapear from dA, for some reason, please atleast tell me so I would know, and with a little luck change your mind.

Also, if anyone is interested in art-tradecollab, tell me ^_______^
The last week or two have been quite exausting for me >>;
Too much work and not enough sleep~ (partly since I rather do stuff then go to bed as early as I can..)

I hope youre doing well, and sleeping enough =P

Havent got to draw much, a few doodles here and there. Hopefully Ill get to do something about it this weekend.

P.s Sorry for not replying back or adding comments to your new drawings, Ill get to it in the weekend~ ^__^;

Until then~~
How aer you doing?

Sorry for not being here much, some things kept me occupied -,73…
Ill try to reply to as many things as I can today, but the rest will have to wait a few days till Ill be at home again~